Designed by Japan's foremost Experience Sampling expert
Designed by Japan's foremost Experience Sampling expert


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Signal your respondents through their LINE account.
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LINE Signalling!

Simple Intergration
All you need is a LINE Official Account

Sign up for a free LINE Official Account then enter a few settings and you are ready to go. Send signals with a link to your survey directly to the respondents LINE account.
ESM the way it should be, SIMPLE WITH 100% SIGNAL DELIVERY!

Sleek Design

Designed for Japanese Smartphones!
Looks great!

Build surveys that look great and work well on Japanese smartphones. Increase the accuracy of your data collection through our smart and user-friendly survey design features.

Not Just Surveys!

Simple Intergration
Communicate with your students or associates!

Not just a survey platform. Our easy to use survey page builder can be used as a communication (Message Board) tool. Signal your student's or associate's LINE account each time you update your message. Even collect responses to your messages!


Are you new to experience sampling?

If you are just starting out in the fascinating world of experience sampling we are here to help!

Check out our tutorial that takes you step by step through the set up of your first experience sampling survey. Written by Japan's foremost experience sampling expert with easy to follow step by step instructions.